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At J&N Waste Removal we are specialists in waste collection and rubbish removal services covering Stoke on Trent and surrounding areas. We collect, clear, load and dispose off all types of waste from your premises.

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J&N Waste Removal aims to help you in handling your waste with diligent workers and appropriate equipment without breaking the bank. We are aware of how busy one can get nowadays from work to caring for the kids and this is why we are offering to take away the stress of removing waste from your home. We take special care to sort through all rubbish collected and ensure that anything that can be recycled avoids landfill.

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Rubbish removal services in Stoke on Trent

Our staff are friendly, helpful and above all else, flexible because we know that your time is important and valuable. As such, we will arrange our visits to suit your calendar and timings. Get in touch and get your FREE quote today!

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